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Completion requirements

Test Structures

The TOEFL prediction test consists of 140 questions, and it takes for about 115 minutes to finish. The detail of the structure is as follow: 

·       Listening     (50 questions, 35 minutes)

·       Structure    (40 questions, 25 minutes)

·       Reading      (50 questions, 55 minutes)

The test will run based on the specified time. The timer will automatically run once you click "Start Attempt" button. You must answer all questions before the time is over. And you cannot stop doing the test during the test process is running and you cannot change it to another time. 

The access will be given only one-time. Therefore, make sure that you do the test and prepare all the test equipment needed. 

The score of TOEFL Prediction Test refers to the scheme of TOEFL PBT, namely:

·       Score of Test           : The lowest score is 310 

                                             The highest score is 677


Prepare some equipment before doing the test: 

·       Laptop / Computer with a stable internet connection

Make sure the device that you use has a good battery saving just in case the power-outage has come. So, you still can do the test. And please, pay attention that the test can only be done once and cannot be repeated. 

·       Headset (to help you make the listening section clear to listen)

The first section of the TOEFL test is listening. Hence, with the help of headset, it will make you listen the conversation and questions clearly. 

·       The quiet and cozy room

Make sure that your room is quiet with very small noisy. You need to communicate to your family or other dwellers that you will do the test with the scheduled-time. 


Good luck for the test and Get your best score!

Additional information:

The certificate will be Sent by LPPT-UNTAR to your email registered in the Platform.